Yéil (Raven)

This video is poet, Donna Beaver’s Tlingit oratory through haiku and other short poems honoring artist, friend, and Chilkat weaver, Clarissa Rizal who joined our Alaska Native ancestors in December 2016.

A poetic journey to the Northwest Coast of Alaska, land of the totems and the Tlingit Indians.  A visual story with totemic imagery and words honoring the Raven clan and the “potlatch.”

NOTE: The “potlatch” is a ceremonial gathering for spiritual healing and removal of grief for the loss of an honored clan member. It begins with gathering traditional foods and creating regalia (Chilkat robes, button blankets, headdresses, masks, and other adornments) for the potlatch.  The potlatch is known for Tlingit oratory with speeches, songs, and storytelling.

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Haiku Chronicles podcast

Haiku Chronicles is a podcast that I co-host and produce with poet Alan Pizzarelli.

I edit both audio and video episodes using Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Audition CC.  My current equipment for filming and stop motion is using the Nikon D800.